Fountain Street General Practice is a private billing practice.  Consultation fees for each type of appointment are outlined below.

Fees are payable at the time of consultation by either cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Medicare Rebates

Online Medicare Claiming

For your convenience, we can transmit your request for Medicare rebate electronically, eliminating the need to lodge your claim at a Medicare office. Please ensure you have updated your bank details with Medicare and your address details are correct.

To assist you to understand our billing protocol we have provided indicative pricing based upon the length of time you are in with your doctor and/or nurse. However,  if multiple or complex issues are discussed, a higher fee may be charged.

Your doctor will discuss with you the cost of any procedures at the time of your consultation.


Service DescriptionFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consultation$85$38.20$46.80
Long Consultation$125$73.95$51.05
Extended Consultation$165$108.85$56.15
Full Skin Check$170$73.95$96.05
Partial Skin Check – 1 to 3 moles$85$38.20$46.80
Iron Infusion$200$73.95$126.05

Saturday Fees

Service DescriptionFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consultation$90$38.20$51.80
Long Consultation$130$73.95$56.05
Extended Consultation$170$108.85$61.15
Full Skin Check$175$73.95$101.05
Partial Skin Check – 1 to 3 moles$90$38.20$51.80

Vaccination Costs

Hepatitis A (child)$50
Hepatitis A (adult)$80
Hepatitis B (child)$20
Hepatitis B (adult)$30
Japanese encephalitis$320
Rabies (3-dose course)$160 per dose
Twinrix Junior (combined hep A & B)$60
Twinrix (combined hep A & B)$90
Vivaxim (combined hep A & typhoid)$170
Yellow fever$130
Boostrix (diptheria, tetanus & whooping cough)$50

Online Services Fees*

Online ServiceFee
Repeat Prescription – Pick Up$20
Repeat Prescription – Posted$23
Repeat Prescription – Urgent$25
Repeat Prescription – Fax to Pharmacy$25
Repeat Referral – Collect or Fax (within 2 business days)$30
Repeat Referral – Urgent Fax (on same day)$40
*Conditions apply