Influenza Vaccine Now Available

Doses of both the government and private seasonal  influenza vaccine have arrived at the practice and are now available for our existing patients.

Influenza (flu) is a highly contagious viral infection that spreads easily from person to person through coughing, sneezing and close contact.

Those eligible for the government vaccine under the National Immunisation Program can book with the practice nurse to receive their free vaccination. Those eligible for the government vaccine include:

  • People aged 65 years and over
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged six months to less than five years
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are aged 15 years and over
  • Pregnant women
  • People aged six months and over with medical conditions such as severe asthma, lung or heart disease, low immunity or diabetes that can lead to complications from influenza

For those wanting to receive a private vaccination, patients can book in with the practice nurse and will be charged a $20 fee.

Please phone reception on 8303 2900 and advise that you would like to book for a flu vaccine. You may also book your flu shot online with one of the practice nurses.

Vaccinating Babies & Children

Children aged 6 months to under 9 years being vaccinated for influenza for the first time require a 2nd dose one month after the initial dose. Parents can consult with their doctor as to whether the influenza vaccine is suitable for them or if there are any queries or concerns.

Please note that babies under 6 months old cannot receive a flu injection.

Pregnant women (and women planning pregnancy) are recommended to be immunised against influenza as they are at increased risk of developing complications from influenza. The vaccine also protects infants against influenza for their first 6 months of life, when they are most vulnerable, yet still too young to be vaccinated themselves.

More Information

The Australian Government’s Immunise Australia Program website contains more information about influenza as well as more details of the vaccine.