Antenatal shared care

Antenatal shared care is a program for pregnant women who are going through the public hospital system but who would like their own GP (General Practitioner) to care for them as well.

The care is shared between the hospital staff and the GP.

A number of GPs at Fountain Street General Practice are accredited to do this with local public hospitals including RPAH Womens and Babies Hospital, St George Hospital, Canterbury Hospital and Royal Womens Hospital at Randwick. The GPs all have experience and training  in caring for woman during pregnancy as well as prepregnancy planning and post delivery care.

The majority of the  visits are with your GP and the remainder are with the antenatal clinic or Birth Centre at the local hospital.

The program is for woman likely to have an uncomplicated pregnancy. If there are difficulties or complications during the pregnancy then care is transferred to the hospital only.

If you are interested in this program then speak to your GP when you are planning a pregnancy or at your first visit when you are pregnant. If you are not a patient at this practice but would like to go through this program then call our receptionists and they will advise you which GPs are part of the shared care program and will make a booking for you.

Further information about the shared care program can be accessed at:

 Dr Melinda Griffiths
 Dr Sharon Lim
 Dr Carole Chung
 Dr Marc Madeleine
 Dr Nancy Yiin
 Dr Penelope Elix
 Dr Jennifer Morrison