Test Results

Depending on the type of test(s) you may have undertaken – results will generally be available anywhere between 24 hours to a week after the test(s). It is preferred that you return to discuss your test results with your doctor to protect your confidentiality and ensure that you understand the results. However, on some occasions you may receive a copy of your results in the mail, and your doctor or the practice nurse may only call you if there are any significant abnormalities that require follow up. There may be circumstances where you will be required to make a follow-up appointment to discuss test results or to organise further testing at some time in the future.

If you do not hear from us after receiving your results in the mail and you wish to discuss your results further, please phone the practice on 8303 2900 to organise an appointment with your doctor.

Please check that we have your current postal address and phone contact details.

Fountain Street General Practice