Childhood immunisation

Immunisation protects the community against vaccine-preventable diseases. Each vaccine plays an important role, so timely vaccination is the best way to protect your child. The immunisation schedule provides a summary of the vaccines that your child needs and the ages at which they need to be given. NSW Health has developed a handy smartphone app – Save the Date – that helps people to remember when vaccines are due for their children.

When bringing in your child for immunisations, you will have an initial appointment with our practice nurse who will weigh and measure your child and answer any questions you might have about the immunisations. The doctor will then see you and your child and give the appropriate vaccinations with the nurse. When calling to make your appointment, please let our receptionists know that it is for childhood immunisations.

Immunisation History Statements

Immunisation History Statements are available from both the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and the Human Papillomavirus Register (HPV Register). Immunisation History Statements may be necessary for child care and school enrolment, employment at certain workplaces and are currently used by Medicare and Centrelink to determine eligibility for some family assistance payments.

Patients can obtain an AIR Statement in the following ways:

HPV Register statements can be obtained by:

  • Phone – call HPV Register on 1800 478 734

Please note that immunisation histories provided by the practice WILL NOT be accepted by most institutions.

Child immunisations