Family Planning

The doctors at Fountain Street General Practice are experienced in providing family planning advice and support, including contraception, pre-pregnancy assessments and fertility issues.

Mirena / IUD insertion

Mirena and Kyleena are small intra-uterine devices (IUDs) designed for reversible long-term contraception. They are some of the most effective birth control methods – over 99% effective against pregnancy – yet use the smallest amount of hormone required. It is made of soft, flexible plastic and is placed into the uterus by healthcare professionals who have been trained to do this.

Some of the benefits of the hormonal IUD are:

  • Periods are generally lighter and less painful
  • Safe for breastfeeding
  • Unaffected by medications
  • An entirely reversible form of contraception
  • Lasts up to 5 years, or 7 if inserted after age 45.
  • Can be removed easily at any time by your GP
  • Your normal fertility returns immediately once the IUD is removed.

Mirena Insertion GP

Dr Elizabeth Davis

At Fountain Street General Practice, Dr Lizzie Davis has completed specific training in Mirena / Kyleena insertion and removal. If you wish to have an IUD inserted, you will need an appointment to sit down with Dr Lizzie to determine if it is the right choice for you.

Dr Lizzie will take a detailed history and perform a physical examination. She will also answer any questions you may have. A separate appointment is then made for the insertion process if it is deemed appropriate. This is done at our clinic with the assistance of our nurse.

We offer timely appointment that is convenient to you. No referral letter is required.

If our doctor feels that Mirena is not the right choice for you, she will discuss with you other available options and help you choose a contraceptive method that is best suited for you.

When making an appointment please inform our receptionists that it is for an IUD insertion so that we can book you with the correct doctor.

Consultation, procedure and equipment fees are charged. Please see our fee list or check with our receptionists.