Postnatal care of mother, child and family

The birth of a child can simultaneously be a joyous and difficult time for any family, especially the mother. Every pregnancy, birth and postnatal period is unique, practical and supportive postnatal care is essential to a mother and baby’s well-being.

A postnatal check typically includes:

  • weighing and measuring of your baby
  • checking your blood pressure
  • checking your healing progress
  • assisting with breastfeeding support and education
  • offering suggestions on sleep and settling techniques
  • discussing any concerns, fears or anxieties

The 6 week postnatal check involves:

  • weighing and measuring your baby
  • checking your blood pressure
  • checking your perineum if you had a tear or episiotomy
  • a breast examination
  • checking healing progress of incision if a caesarean birth
  • completing a pap smear if due
  • ordering follow up blood tests

To book a postnatal check, please phone us on 8303 2900. Please note that the 6 week check is done in conjunction with your child’s 6 week immunisations, please inform reception as a nurse will be required.

Pre and Postnatal care