Skin cancer checks and skin lesion biopsies

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Current statistics show that about two out of three Australians will develop some form of skin cancer before the age of 70. Melanoma is the most common cancer in males aged 25-54 and females aged 15-24. Approximately 1200 Australians of all ages die each year from skin cancer, however most of these deaths from skin cancer are preventable.

Prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancers is essential . You should check your own skin at least every 2-3 months for any changes, but it is strongly recommended that you have a full body skin check with your doctor every 12-24 months..

At Fountain Street General Practice we have doctors who are experienced and qualified in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of all skin cancers and can undertake full body skin checks..

Our practice is fully equipped to enable any necessary procedures to be undertaken onsite – such as treatment of pre-cancerous sun spots, various skin lesion biopsies and more extensive wide surgical excisions of skin cancers. In some instances your doctor might need to refer you for more specialised care depending on your biopsy results..

If you wish to have a skin check with one of our doctors, please call us to book an appointment on 8303 2900. It is very important that you mention to the receptionist that it is for a skin check so that a 30 minute appointment can be arranged with the appropriate doctor. A referral letter is NOT required.

When should I have my skin spots checked?

When you have a:

  • new spot that is different from other spots around it
  • spot, mole or unusual freckle that has changed in shape, size, or colour
  • sore that doesn’t heal
  • skin spot that you are worried about

Full Skin Check$195
Partial Skin Check – 1 to 3 moles$95

Skin check